Todd McFarlane Confirms ‘R’ Rated ‘Spawn’ Movie in the Works

A new ‘Spawn’ movie is coming from creator Todd McFarlane that will definitely not be PG-13…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Todd McFarlane is ready to bring ‘Spawn’ back to the big screen while erasing some bad memories from the original movie that came out in 1997.

The character McFarlane first created for Image Comics back in 1992 is being turned into a new feature film that will take the character into a much darker place than the first movie that featured Michael Jai White in the lead role.

This time around, ‘Spawn’ will be an ‘R’ rated film that McFarlane will write and direct himself.

“The simple answer is yes. We’re getting a second movie and it’s not going to be a continuation, it’s not going to be a sequel, it’s not going to be any of that. Scrub the first movie, it was 20 years ago. It’s going to be a dark, ‘R’ rated, scary bad ass sort of script that’s tight and it’s not a nice, polite ‘PG-13’ with ray-guns and headquarters,” McFarlane told “Geeking Out” about the new ‘Spawn’ movie.
“The world is going to be real except one thing is going to move. When I watched ‘The Exorcist’, that movie was real except for the one girl whose head sort of twirled. You’re never going to see a dude in a rubber suit and you go ‘arm, arm, chest, leg, leg’, you’re never going to get that. This is going to be my ‘Jaws’ shark. The ghost is going to come out of the black and if you’ve got evil in your heart, you better watch out, because he will mess you up. Every now and then the costume will come out and you’ll see flashes of it.”

The comic book ‘Spawn’ launched as a popular title in the early 1990’s and followed Colonel Al Simmons — a black ops soldier who was betrayed and then murdered by his friend and partner — before he was sent to Hell where he was given a chance to return to Earth as a “Hellspawn” in exchange for his eternal soul.

The unfortunate movie from 1997 didn’t receive great critical praise nor did it do a lot of business at the box office so McFarlane is excited to start all over again with a new ‘Spawn’ feature film.

McFarlane says he’s already had actors interested in playing ‘Spawn’ although he wasn’t ready to name names just yet.

From the sound of things, McFarlane plans to go all out with this ‘Spawn’ movie after waiting more than 20 years to bring the character to life in the way he envisioned it from the beginning.

“The deal I’ve made with the people in Hollywood is I write, produce and direct it. I was just in Hollywood last week with a couple of producers. An Academy Award winner actor wants to be in the movie, he’ll jump on. Here’s what I know about guys like him — they know other big, heavy hitters,” McFarlane revealed.
“Mel Gibson years ago did his ‘Passion of the Christ’ — well I call this my ‘Passion of the Anti-Christ’.”

There’s no word on when the new ‘Spawn’ movie might go into production but if McFarlane is writing and directing the film, the first step will be getting a script finished.

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