Tom Hardy Out of ‘Suicide Squad’, Offer Made to Jake Gyllenhaal to Replace Him

Tom Hardy, who was set to play one of the leads in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, has dropped out of the film all together….

The cast of DC and Warner Bros. latest venture ‘Suicde Squad’ was quite ambitious. Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Tom Hardy.

Well, cross Hardy off that list.

The British actor has dropped out of the upcoming film for unknown reasons at this time according to a report from the Hollywood Reporter. Hardy’s exit comes as a result of scheduling conflicts. He’s currently filming ‘The Revenant’ alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, and apparently the shooting schedule on that film is going longer than expected.

‘Suicide Squad’ is expected to begin filming in April.

As for his replacement, Jake Gyllenhaal has an offer to step in and fill the shoes Hardy left behind, but as of now there’s no word on whether or not he’ll take the part or even if he’ll have time to play the role either. Gyllenhaal is currently doing a play that won’t wrap until sometime in March, which wouldn’t give him very much lead time before filming ‘Suicide Squad’.

If he does choose to do the movie, he’ll have a very juicy part considering Hardy was set to play Rick Flagg, the leader of the rag-tag group of villains teathered together by the government before being sent on a mission where at least a few of them aren’t expected to return.

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