Tom Hardy’s ‘Venom’ Will Not Be Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Sony’s expansion into several new Spider-Man projects won’t bleed over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

Spider-Man is officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but don’t expect any of the new films being produced by Sony to cross over as well and that includes the new ‘Venom’ movie starring Tom Hardy.

Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige revealed this week that while Spider-Man will be included in the upcoming ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ film plus further crossover into the cinematic universe, Venom will remain solely with Sony Pictures.

“No plans to include him in the MCU right now. That is Sony’s project,” Feige said in a Facebook chat this week.

‘Venom’ was just recently announced by Sony with Hardy set to star in the leading role as Eddie Brock/Venom and the film will be set in the same universe where Spider-Man (Tom Holland) exists but the character won’t be used in the Marvel Universe otherwise.

Of course plans could always change in the future but for now don’t look for Hardy to show up fighting Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man any time soon.

It will be interesting to see how Sony introduces Venom with the new movie due out on October 5, 2018, which comes just over a year after ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ lands in theaters, which re-launches the franchise with Sony and Marvel teaming up.

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