‘Under the Dome’ Season 3 Will Reveal Why the Dome Came Down on Chester’s Mill

‘Under the Dome’ season 3 will have a lot of answers that viewers have been clamoring for – at the top of the list is why the dome came down in the first place….

‘Under the Dome’ season 3 will debut on CBS on June 25 at 9pm ET and it looks like the producers and writers behind the show are finally ready to answer a few questions rather than present even more riddles.

The mystery behind the dome that fell down on Chester’s Mill has been the main focus of the show for two seasons and at least based on a recent conversation with Executive Producer Neal Baer, they are ready to let a few secrets out of the bag.

“We will tell you why the dome came down and what it’s about,” Baer said at a recent CBS press event. “By the end of the season, you’ll know exactly why this happened the way that it happened.”

A major plot twist last season was the revelation that the egg that allegedly powers the dome was first discovered by some of the more famous Chester’s Mill residents 25 years ago.

A big part of the revelations that producers have planned for ‘Under the Dome’ season 3 revolve around finishing that particular story although there will be plenty more questions to ask when it’s over.

“Why was there 25 years to pass before the dome came down? What was in play 25 years ago that set all this in motion? That’s one of the biggies we’re going to address,” Executive Producer Tim Schlattmann said. “You’ll see how these puzzle pieces form a puzzle that may be different from what you thought it would be.”

According to Baer, the focus for season 3 really shifts into a character driven story more than the mythology behind the dome itself. Last season, ‘Under the Dome’ had several episodes where the townspeople were forced to rely on each other or turn against each other as supplies began to ran short and the calamity of being locked inside a town with no way of getting in or out started to mount.

So Baer says expect plenty of explanation for some of the big questions that have been looming overhead for the past two seasons, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more mysteries to solve.

“We’ve taken the viewers through all kinds of calamities. But now, it’s really character-oriented. We promise you we will answer why the dome is there, but of course we’re going to ask more questions,” Baer said.

‘Under the Dome’ returns for season 3 on Thursday night, June 25 at 9pm ET on CBS.

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