‘Venom’ Trailer Starring Tom Hardy Debuts Without Venom (VIDEO)

The first trailer for ‘Venom’ has arrived but it’s seriously lacking any actual shots of Venom…

Sony has a lot invested in the upcoming Spider-Man spinoff film titled ‘Venom’ starring Tom Hardy.

This is the first Spider-Man spinoff film since Sony teamed up with Marvel to recreate a new webslinger with Tom Holland in the lead role. Let’s not forget Sony had always intended on cashing in as much as possible on the Spider-Man franchise but after the infamous email leak a few years ago, the company scrapped many of those plans until revamping the project now.

So with that the first trailer for ‘Venom’ has arrived but there’s one major problem — you don’t actually see Venom.

Now this is a ‘teaser’ trailer but at nearly two minutes long, it seems kind of shocking that there’s not even a glimpse of Venom in the entire video. It makes you wonder, are the post effects not going as well as expected to make Venom look as realistic as possible? Is this a case where Sony is worried to show off Venom before the movie is released on October 5?

It’s too early to get anxious just yet but the first trailer doesn’t do much to tease anything about Venom and instead just features a Tom Hardy voiceover with some chewed up scenery and one brief flash of the symbiote material that we believe will eventually bond with Eddie Brock to become Venom.

Maybe a second trailer will give us the goods but Sony didn’t get the hype going for this film as expected with this teaser that doesn’t give us any Venom whatsoever.

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