WATCH: ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Trailer Finally Arrives (VIDEO)

A lot has been said and even more speculated about the Fantastic Four reboot film and now the first trailer has arrived so judge for yourself…

The first trailer for the new ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot has finally arrived and you know what? It doesn’t look bad.

Of course a great trailer doesn’t always equal a great movie — remember ‘Medellin’ from ‘Entourage’?

But all that said, the movie has been under scrutiny for months with everything from casting choices to changes in storyline being dissected and lambasted by fans (and media alike).

If nothing else, it appears the studio is sticking by this film and they’ve managed to make a pretty intriguing trailer for the launch of ‘Fantastic Four’ in 2015. Will the movie match up to the trailer? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below:

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