Westworld Season 2: New Images Reveal a Revolution Underway (PHOTOS)

A new batch of photos from Westworld season 2 have been released by HBO to give a look at what lies ahead when the show returns on April 22…

The countdown to Westworld season 2 has started with the show set to return to HBO on Sunday night, April 22 at 9pm ET/PT.

On Friday, HBO revealed a dozen new photos from the upcoming sophomore season of Westworld in the aftermath of the uprising at the park during the first season finale.

Just as a reminder — Dolores finally became self-aware during the final moments of the season as she executed park creator Dr. Robert Ford and began firing her weapon at many of the humans in the park including her former flame turned arch enemy William aka The Man in Black. Meanwhile, Maeve seemed to orchestrate her own escape from the park until she turned around to go back for the host who once played her daughter. All of this plus the revelation of several more parks that exist in the same place including ‘Shogun World’, featuring hosts dressed as samurai warriors from Japan.

Here are the photos as revealed for Westworld season 2:

Dolores is definitely looking like a woman in charge with a belt of bullets wrapped around her shoulder. Don’t forget, Dolores was also revealed as the villainous Wyatt based on a previous narrative that she had while former park creator Arnold was still alive.

Dolores and Teddy are still riding together in Westworld season 2

The Man in Black was shot in the arm at the end of season one but what’s his mission going to be during season 2? We’ve also heard rumors that Jimmi Simpson will return to portray a younger William in season 2 as we see more of his progression from the sweet, loving man who fell for Dolores to the rigid, vengeful gunslinger we met during season one.

Hector was last seen trying to make an escape from Westworld

Angela looks much different in this teaser photo for Westworld season 2 — remember she was the host who greeted William when he first arrived at the park many years ago and we saw her again as part of Wyatt’s gang in the present day.

Maeve is still part of the revolution inside Westworld after taking narrative creator Lee Sizemore hostage to start the new season

Fares Fares joins the cast in season 2 as a new character but who he’s playing remains a mystery

Bernard had quite an end to Westworld season one after finding out that he was a host and he was designed as an exact replica to original creator Arnold, who was shot at killed many years ago inside the park.

Security director Ashley Stubbs was last seen being taken hostage by a group of native American hosts at the end of the season but here he’s looking in much better shape.

Bernard with Delos executive Charlotte Hale

This might be the most interesting photo of all — a much different look for Dolores in Westworld season 2

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