‘X-Files’ Revival First Footage and 201 Day Marathon Coming Soon (VIDEO)

Get your first look at the ‘X-Files’ revival along with a teaser for the ultimate X-Files marathon….

The truth is out there and the search will continue on January 24, 2016 when the ‘X-Files’ finally returns to television with a six-episode revival courtesy of FOX.

To gear up for the monumental reunion of Mulder and Scully, FOX is planning a mega-marathon showing every episode of the series starting in July and running all the way through January to the premiere of the new event series.

In a video released on Tuesday, FOX even managed to drop in a quick look at Mulder and Scully teaming up in 2015, guns drawn and walking into a strange, dark room.

The marathon kicks off on Tuesday July 7 and runs all the way through the premiere of the new series on January 24 next year.

Check out the clip and get ready for the ‘X-Files’ to officially return in 2016!

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