X-Men: Days of Future Past First Trailer Debuts (Video)

What happens when the X-Men of the past come face to face with the X-Men of the future? That’s the question to be answered in the new film X-Men: Days of Future past and we’ve got the trailer…

X-Men: Days of Future past won’t be released until March 23, 2014, but the first trailer for the new film debuted on Tuesday.

Director Bryan Singer brought together cast members from the last series of X-Men movies along with some of the cast from X-Men: First Class to tell this tale of a dystopian future where mutants have become the hunted and the robot Sentinels help to rule the Earth.

How will this plot all unfold and what happens when the X-Men come up against their greatest foe yet?

Check out the new debut trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past

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