X-Men Spinoff ‘The New Mutants’ Movie Planned at FOX with Josh Boone Directing

There will be a new X-Men spinoff based on ‘The New Mutants’ at FOX with ‘Fault in Our Stars’ director Josh Boone leading the project…

FOX is doubling down on their X-Men property with a slew of new films planned over the next few year and the latest will see a brand new group called ‘The New Mutants’ taking center stage on the big screen. ‘The New Mutants’ were a group created in 1982 by famed X-Men writer Chris Claremont after his success on ‘Uncanny X-Men’ prompted Marvel to ask for more mutant related books. The offshoot team consisted of a younger group of mutants who also came up under Professor Charles Xavier before eventually being turned over to Magneto, who acted as headmaster at the school for extraordinary youngsters for a time during the comic book series. The members of The New Mutants changed several times over the years although the current lineup consists of Cannonball, Karma, Magik, Magma, Dani Moonstar and Sunspot although the movie could take the team in any number of directions. Josh Boone will co-write and direct the project after his success on ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ that saw the rookie director receive rave reviews for his work and his name landed on the table for several major projects before signing on to handle ‘The New Mutants’. In addition to ‘The New Mutants’, FOX also has ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ set for release in 2016 as well as the ‘Deadpool’ movie with Ryan Reynolds as well as another ‘Wolverine’ film starring Hugh Jackman. Simon Kinberg, who is one of the main writers and producers on the recent X-Men movies, will co-produce this feature alongside Lauren Shuler Donner. H/T: Deadline

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