Zachary Levi Still Holding Out Hope for a ‘Chuck’ Movie

Zachary Levi will never give up hope on making a ‘Chuck’ movie to revive the cult classic series…

It’s been 10 years since ‘Chuck’ first debuted on NBC and while the show was never a ratings juggernaut for the network, a loyal fanbase helped keep the series on air for five full seasons.

Ever since ‘Chuck’ came to a close in 2012, lead star Zachary Levi has long talked about the possibility of reuniting with the cast for a feature length movie to continue telling the story of Chuck Bartowski and the rest of his friends from the show.

Sadly, Levi says he’s no closer to making a movie happen but he’s never going to give up on getting the ‘Chuck’ cast back together for one last adventure.

“I’d love to do it,” Levi told EW this week. “As far as I know, I’m the only person who’s affiliated with the show that’s been trying to make it happen on some level. I’ve had meetings with various people. There’s just so many moving parts. The answer is I’d love to still make it happen, even if it’s 10 years down the line. Because of the world, it could still be plausible. It’s just difficult. Warner Bros. has the rights to it, I don’t have a script. And in order to get the rights, I need to probably get a script, but in order to get the script, I need to pay a writer, but if I’ve got to find the money then in order to get the money, I need to make sure I have the rights. It’s like a Catch-44. I went to the whole cast years ago and said, “If I ever get a movie together, would you do it?” And everyone was like, “We’re totally in.”
“A lot of people have asked if we could do another season and there’s no way we could do another season. But I think that ‘Chuck’ as a premise totally works to go do movies here and there. It’s a goofy American Bond. We had our baddies of the week, we can have baddies of the movie. You add a little bit more money, a little bit more time, maybe go shoot in some actual international destinations, you make a fun 90-minute movie, and release it online. I think we can do that, but there’s a lot of moving parts and I’m the only one who’s trying to get all the moving parts together. So, we’ll see.”

Considering the funding that’s being tossed around by streaming services such as Netflix — where ‘Chuck’ can be seen in its entirety right now — or even Apple, who are getting into the original programming game could be a possible landing spot for the little television show that could.

Of course the cast members from ‘Chuck’ have all moved onto different projects but Levi seems to always find a way to bring them back together for a good cause — such as his ‘Nerd HQ’ project at San Diego Comic Con. Obviously, Levi seems confident that he could reunite them for a movie as well if he could ever get a good script and funding for the project.

If that ever comes together, perhaps one day Chuck Bartowski will live to spy again in the movies!

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