Matt Ryan to Reprise Constantine for Guest Spot on ‘Arrow’

While ‘Constantine’ fans are still sad the show was cancelled, the character portrayed by Matt Ryan will make an appearance in the upcoming season of ‘Arrow’…

Crossovers are all the rage in comic book movies and TV shows these days, but what’s happening on ‘Arrow’ this season is a new one. Following the cancellation of ‘Constantine’ earlier this year by NBC it appeared Matt Ryan’s portrayal of the demon slayer with a broken moral compass was dead and buried. But now in a stroke of genius, ‘Arrow’ producers have decided to resurrect him for an appearance during season 4 of the show. The idea apparently originated with ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell, who offered to make a guest appearance on ‘Constantine’ if the show got picked up by any other network after it was cancelled at NBC. Unfortunately no one took the bait and ‘Constantine’ officially came to an end. With the show finished, ‘Arrow’ producers decided to flip the script and get Matt Ryan to pick up the trench coat and bad attitude for another run as John Constantine in an upcoming episode of the popular series on the CW. It looks like Ryan’s appearance is just set for a single episode at this point, but keep an eye out once ‘Arrow’ returns on October 7 on the CW.

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