New ‘Venom’ Trailer Finally Shows Venom In Action (VIDEO)

The new trailer for Venom arrived on Monday night showing Tom Hardy and the symbiote finally becoming one…

It’s safe to say the first trailer for Venom starring Tom Hardy received less than favorable reviews after not actually revealing what Venom would look like in the movie.

Now a second Venom trailer has arrived that rectifies that problem as we get a look at Tom Hardy transforming into the classic Spider-Man villain while also getting a deeper understanding of the plot at work in the movie.

Based on the trailer, a corporation gets its hands on an experimental material that it calls a ‘symbiote’ and begins experimenting by having this unknown compound attach itself to a human host. Eddie Brock (Hardy) is an investigative reporter digging into the company when he sneaks into the lab one night and accidentally crosses paths with the symbiote material that’s so coveted by the shady organization.

Soon enough, Brock gains new powers and a new voice inside his head as Venom begins to come alive and he’s forced to fight back against the corporation desperate to take back their symbiote.

Take a look at the new trailer for Venom ahead of the movie’s release on October 5.

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