‘Outcast’ Season 2 Trailer Is Creepier and Scarier Than Ever (VIDEO)

Kyle Barnes has an even bigger fight on his hands in ‘Outcast’ season 2 and we’ve got the first trailer….

When ‘Outcast’ season one came to an end, Kyle Barnes found out that the gift and the curse that he possesses to exorcise demons from inside a human body has been passed along to his daughter.

The horrific incident unfolded as Kyle looked to stop the devil from advancing his plans on the town of Rome, West Virginia and it was his daughter who came to his rescue while expelling a demon to save his life.

Now with his daughter Amber living with him full time, Kyle has an even bigger responsibility to protect her and find out the source of these possessions that that have haunted him his entire life.

Add onto that, Kyle’s sister Megan was possessed at the end of the season where she murdered her husband Mark before the demon was finally pulled out of her body. How will Megan deal with the fallout from this atrocity that she committed even if it wasn’t of her own free will?

Check out the creepy new trailer for ‘Outcast’ season 2 on Cinemax….

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