‘Pennyworth’ Trailer Debuts: The Batman Prequel Nobody Asked For But We’re Getting (VIDEO)

There’s another Batman prequel coming soon as ‘Pennyworth’ is set to debut on EPIX with the first trailer released on Wednesday…

When reading your favorite Batman comic books or watching your favorite Dark Knight related films or television shows, have you ever pondered the origins of his butler, Alfred Pennyworth?

If the answer is yes then you’re in luck because a new series titled ‘Pennyworth’ will dig into the relationship forged between a young security agent named Alfred Pennyworth and a client named Thomas Wayne.

Yes folks, Alfred was a bad ass super spy type bodyguard back in the day — or at least that’s the version of the character we’re getting in this new series set to debut on EPIX later this summer.

The first trailer for ‘Pennyworth’ dropped on Wednesday and you can take a look for yourself at whether or not this latest Batman prequel without Bruce Wayne much less Batman will be worth your time.

For what it’s worth, ‘Gotham’ definitely had its ups and downs but the show was littered with recognizable characters that linked to Batman so it wasn’t all that egregious that the Dark Knight himself didn’t appear until the series finale. ‘Smallville’ remains one of the best comic book based television series of all time and Clark Kent didn’t officially get dressed in the blue suit with a red cape until the last episode either. Ultimately though both of those series culminated in the creation of those particular superheroes.

In the case of ‘Pennyworth’, it appears we’re going to witness the transition off a bad ass British James Bond type turn into a butler? Take a look at the trailer and judge for yourself.

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