Report: Marvel/Sony In Talks with Asa Butterfield to Play Spider-Man

Marvel and Sony have entered into negotiations with actor Asa Butterfield to become the new Spider-Man….

According to reports from Latino Review and Umberto Gonzalez, Marvel and Sony have targeted Asa Butterfield to play the new Spider-Man with his debut coming in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ as well as the upcoming rebooted ‘Spider-Man’ films from Sony.

Butterfield — best known for his work in ‘Ender’s Game’ — was on a short list of potential actors to play the role once Sony officially closed a deal to share the Spider-Man character with Marvel over the course of several films.

While the deal is not done yet, it appears Marvel and Sony have selected Butterfield as their actor of choice and they have entered into negotiations with the actor’s reps to hopefully come to an agreement in the very near future.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ begins production this month and Spider-Man is expected to have a major role in the movie that pits Captain America against Iron Man as well as dividing The Avengers from around the world.

Given the timeline for filming it’s likely Marvel and Sony will try to wrap up a multi-film deal with Butterfield quickly so he can join the rest of the actors on set who are already filming scenes currently.

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