Report: ‘Spider-Man’ Finalists Narrowed Down; Announcement Coming Soon

The next ‘Spider-Man’ from Sony and Marvel is about to suit up according to a recent report with a select group of actors leading the field…

The Marvel Universe is more alive than ever with the company’s next major blockbuster just a few days away from opening, but before Joss Whedon dazzles us with his final story in ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’, the plans to cast a new Spider-Man are nearly an end.

Sony and Marvel officially teamed up back in February to share the web-slinger between the two companies so that Spider-Man could appear in a number of upcoming flicks including ‘Captain America: Civil War’ as well as a new ‘Spider-Man’ franchise that will reboot the character once again, this time eliminating the version most recently created with Andrew Garfield playing the lead role.

The new Spider-Man film will be set in high school with Peter Parker expected to be around 16 years of age starting out and then gradually getting older as the series moves forward. The idea is just like Marvel achieved with Iron Man, Captain America and other iconic characters is to keep the same actor in place so he or she can crossover to multiple properties and keep the continuity in place.

The leading candidate to direct the new Spider-Man movie remains Drew Goddard, who was originally expected to write and direct the film ‘The Sinister Six’ about Spider-Man’s greatest enemies until Sony scrapped all their plans for the character in favor of signing the deal with Marvel.

Now the five actors listed aren’t the only ones on the list but they are currently the front runners to potentially land the role. According to The Wrap, Sony and Marvel hope to decide on a new Spider-Man in the next few weeks although it may take a little longer to close a deal with whatever actor they choose. Once that part is complete, the actor who will be playing Spider-Man will then quickly move into the role as they will film scenes in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ as early as June.

So without further ado let’s look at the actors who are the leading candidates to take over the role of Spider-Man.

Nat Wolff — best known for his recent role in ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

Nat Wolff

Asa Butterfield — best known for his role in ‘Ender’s Game’

Asa Butterfield

Tom Holland — best known for his role in ‘Wolf Hall’

Tom Holland

Timothee Chalamet — best known for roles on ‘Homeland’ and ‘Interstellar’

Timothee Chalamet

Liam James — best known from ‘The Killing’ and ‘The Way, Way Back’

LIam James

Now none of these actors have officially been screen tested yet but it seems like they are the leading candidates as of now. The other key thing to remember with casting is Sony and Marvel may be leaking this information to see the interest the actors have to the role or the reaction fans have to any one of them potentially playing Spider-Man.

In other words when the final announcement is made, Sony could easily go in a completely different direction than these five actors. Then again when it comes to actors with the chops to play the role, these five seem to have the ability to pull off Spider-Man and none of them are ‘A’ list stars just yet, which is what Marvel tends to go for when they fill lead roles for any of their movies.

For now it’s a waiting game to see who gets the final call but expect some kind of announcement about the new Spider-Man in the next few weeks!

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