Rumor Mill: ‘True Detective’ Season 2 Plot Details and Cast Revealed

Here are the latest rumors for ‘True Detective’ season 2 including an elaborate look at the plot for the show as well as potential cast members and their characters….

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Anyone who has uttered the words ‘Carcosa’, ‘time is a flat circle’, or ‘the world needs bad men’ are probably the same people clamoring for any kind of information about ‘True Detective’ season 2 although any details out there currently probably aren’t correct.

The first season of ‘True Detective’ stands as one of the best pieces of television filmmaking ever completed, which means the pressure to return to form for a second season is cranked as high as any show in history. Creator Nic Pizzolatto is notoriously tight lipped with anything regarding the show and has repeatedly stated that any casting news or plot revelations out there are false because only he and a couple of key executives even have any clue what’s going on with season 2 of the show.

Still, I can’t resist a good rumor and thanks to a recent story on The Wrap, we’ve got a ton of them to talk about for season 2 of ‘True Detective’. Are any of these stories or cast members correct? Who knows but at this point speculating about the show I loved so much earlier this year is good enough for me for now!

So here goes…

First up the plot line for the show: The story follows a pair of detectives (rumored to be played by Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch) who are investigating the death of a prominent and corrupt city manager, who was working on a revolutionary transit plan that would solve the gridlock problems in California. Three different investigators are put on the case to solve the crime, but as they all find out this murder is far reaching and goes much deeper than they original suspsected.

Farrell is rumored to play lead detective Ray Velcoro, a seasoned vet who has flushed most of the best things out of his life, both personally and professionally. His partner would be played by Kitsch as Paul Woodrugh, a military veteran with a violent streak in his past. Meanwhile, Elisabeth Moss (the female lead) would be playing Ani Bezzerides, a tough small town sheriff from Monterey with a gambling and alcohol problem who is also charged with helping to solve this heinous murder.

As for Vince Vaughn, who is reportedly in talks to join the show as well, he would be playing Frank Semyon, a corrupt local businessman with a vested interest in another public transportation system poised to make his investors rich if things go as planned.

There’s also rumors that Michelle Forbes (best known from ‘True Blood’ season 2) is in talks to play a part on the upcoming season either as a wife or ex-wife to Farrell or Vaughn’s character in the show.

Pizzolatto has teased that the new season of the show would venture away from the first year where Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson teamed up as the two main leads for ‘True Detective’ as he instead targeted four main characters for his second run at the series.

With Farrell, Kitsch, Vaughn and Moss at the head of the table, Pizzolatto would have his four main actors, but it still remains to be seen if this is actually the plot and course the show will follow or just more smoke and mirrors to throw everyone (including me) way off track.

Chances are Pizzolatto is typing away at his keyboard laughing at all of us right now because nobody has gotten this thing right, but hey until somebody gets cast or details about the new season of ‘True Detective’ are released I’ll just keep guessing and hoping that somewhere along the line I’ve found at least one piece to the puzzle.

What we know for sure is ‘True Detective’ season 2 will resume production later this year with a 2015 debut date on HBO.

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