Sony Targets Female Superhero Film Set in the Spider-Man Universe

Sony has approved the start of the first ever female superhero movie set in the ‘Spider-Man’ universe although details are sketchy at this point….

There have only been a few instances where a female was cast as the lead character in a superhero genre movie and even in those cases the results were not well received. From Elektra to Catwoman, female superhero films have generally been regarded as second class citizens compared to the big muscled, action packed franchises from studios like Marvel and DC.

Well, Sony is ready to break out from the pack with a new female led superhero film set in the ‘Spider-Man’ universe. According to Deadline, Sony has given the green light to start developing the project with writer Lisa Joy attached to pen the script for the as of yet unnamed movie.

There are several possibilities for a female led ‘Spider-Man’ vehicle with everything from Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman to a character like Black Cat taking the center stage for the film.

As of now, the project is only in development as Sony also has their eyes on the next Spider-Man franchise film led by director Drew Goddard as he’s expected to roll out the Sinister Six movie in November 2016.

For now let the speculation begin on who will fill the shoes for the first female led superhero movie in several years.

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