Spider-Man Universe Being Expanded with Venom and Sinister Six Films in Development

Sony Pictures promised that a bigger Spider-Man universe was coming to theaters and now they have hired an all-star list of writers to begin working on two new projects about the webslinger’s greatest adversaries…

The superhero genre is big business at the box office right now and the buzz surrounding films like Batman vs. Superman and The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron just continues to grow, so it stands to reason that other studios with ownership of major characters would try to cash in and expand their foothold in the industry as well.

At Sony Pictures there is no bigger superhero on the roster than Spider-Man and with the new film ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘ set to come out in theaters in May 2014, the studio is in the planning stages of expanding the film universe to start including stand alone movies about other characters from the same universe.

The first two selections from Sony Pictures will be a new feature film about Venom — the alien symbiote that at one time merged with Peter Parker only to be expunged before eventually finding disgraced reporter Eddie Brock and together they became one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies.

The other project now in development is a film focusing on the Spider-Man villain super group The Sinister Six.

Sony has hired a huge group of writers to work on the projects including Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, and Ed Solomon, who will focus on the Venom film while ‘Cabin in the Woods‘ scribe and new Daredevil show runner Drew Goddard will work on the film surrounding The Sinister Six.

There’s no word on how long it will take these films to actually make it into production, but money is being handed out and writers are being hired so it seems pretty likely that both are receiving a major push from Sony to get into theaters.

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