‘The Boys’ Will Debut Short Film Called ‘Butcher’ During Season 2

“The Boys” season 2 will debut in September but there will also be a special feature short film called “Butcher” set for release later this year as well…

It’s been a long wait for “The Boys” to return for season 2 but now in addition to the new episodes, a short film will also be released later this year.

According to showrunner Eric Kripke, Billy Butcher will get the spotlight for his own feature titled “Butcher,” which will document what exactly happened to him in the aftermath of the season 1 finale until he makes his return in season 2.

As a reminder — and spoilers if you haven’t seen “The Boys” season 1 — Billy Butcher confronted Homelander with hopes of gaining some sense of vengeance after he believed the maniacal superhero raped his wife Becca and then murdered her. He got the surprise of a lifetime when Homelander carried him to a secret location where Butcher found his wife very much alive as she raised a child fathered by Homelander.

When Butcher rejoins his team in “The Boys” season 2, episode 2, the original plan was to tell the story of what happened to him in those couple of weeks he went missing after Homelander reunited him with his supposedly dead wife. Kripke now says that section of the episode didn’t quite fit so instead of scrapping it all together, he will instead turn it into a short film called “Butcher” that will debut during “The Boys” season 2.

That short film will explain what happened to Butcher after his altercation with Homelander and how he eventually made his way back to the team.

When “The Boys” season 2 returns on September 4 on Amazon Prime, the rest of the team — Hughie, Mother’s Milk, Frenchie and the Female — are on the run after being exposed by the Seven. That doesn’t mean their job is finished, however, and they will continue to fight to expose Vought International and their ring of corrupt superheroes.

The first three episodes of “The Boys” season 2 will debut on Sept. 4, followed by new episodes each Friday on Amazon Prime until the season finale in October.

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