Superman Prequel Series ‘Metropolis’ Headed to New DC Digital Streaming Service

As if one Superman prequel wasn’t enough, another titled ‘Metropolis’ is headed your way on DC’s new digital streaming service…

There’s just something about Superman prequels that seem popular these days.

While Syfy is banking on interest in ‘Krypton’ — a series based on Superman’s home planet before it exploded — Warner Bros. and DC have ordered 13 episodes of a new show titled ‘Metropolis’ that will focus on the lives of Lois Lane and Lex Luthor before the Man of Steel arrived in town.

‘Metropolis’ will stream on DC’s upcoming digital service along side ‘Titans’, the new live action series based on the popular Teen Titans comic books.

‘Gotham’ executive producers John Stephens and Danny Cannon handled the story creation for ‘Metropolis’ with Stephens writing the pilot and Cannon directing.

DC’s new digital streaming service is set to launch later this year with ‘Titans’ as well as several animated series including one on ‘Harley Quinn’ as well as this new live action Superman prequel.

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